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Life goes on

I got weighed on Tuesday and I have lost 10% of my bodyweight since joining WeightWatchers. They give you a keyring for that. I'm wondering now if they give you a second keyring when you manage it again, because I'm not quite 1/2 way to my goal weight (10st) yet. So that was pretty damn pleasing. I am not sure how I'm going to get on when I go down to see my parents this weekend, but I'll be trying my hardest. I discovered last night that I can now take my blue jeans off without undoing them, which felt pretty cool. It's possible I'll have to bend my "no clothes shopping before goal" rule and go out and buy a belt at some point :)

In other news, we've had a diagnosis back about Cassie. She's allergic to fleas and to dust mites, so effectivly, to dust. Honestly! So she's having extra goes of the spot on flea stuff and we're going to try immune therapy for the dust mites thing. She'll get a load of injections of small amounts of dust mite stuff in the hope that her body will just start to accept it. It's quite pricey to get started, but once the loading phase is complete we'll only have to inject every month and the vet will show me how to do it so we'll just have to get them to order the stuff in. Aparently, it only works for about 70% of cats, but it's worth a shot, I reckon. If that doesn't work out, we'll have to put her on steroids, which will help the symptoms but will shorten her life in the long term.
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