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In limbo

Waiting for a package is awful, really awful. I was under the impression that my wireless router would be delievered by ParcelForce in the morning. When it hadn't arrived by 10:30 I called Zen to ask and was told that it would be delivered some time between now and 7pm. Bugger. So I rang up work and arranged for an emergency day off. It's not like I had nothing to do while I waited - I finally picked out a gallery of my photos from France to upload when the ADSL was working and I made good progress on my embroidery while listening to some lovely things on the radio (I really miss daytime radio 4 but I can't listen to it while working - it's too distracting). I finished off the Wind-up Bird Chronicles. Every time I heard footsteps or a car at the top of the drive I thought that would be the guy. Time slipped by. I started to make dinner, although I really wanted to be able to go out to Tesco but I didn't dare. I snatched quick trips to the toilet, fearful that if he didn't find the bell he'd knock and I wouldn't hear from there. And I'm sure you've guessed the punchline by now - he never turned up at all. It was probably a good thing for all concerned that the Zen phoneline closes at 5 or I would have been very very rude to the guy down the phone. So instead of surfing the magical interweb at hitherto undrempt of speeds, Alex and I watched more West Wing (of which more later) and comiserated with a bottle of wine.

By this morning, I was in polite but forceful mode and rang Zen. They don't know what happened (they spoke to Netlink who deal with ParcelForce for them) but have agreed to have the parcel redirected to my office. It's now expected to arrive tomorrow, which is fine because I'm out tonight, so no time for surfing anyway. If it doesn't turn up I will start pursuing someone for cash compensation - after all, I took a whole day's holiday which, while the time wasn't entirely wasted, could have been much better spent.
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