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Wireless; what have I let you in for?

So, I'm in bed. I've just been to the Christmas party. Alex is posing in front of me. We're both pretty stoked :) So you know, tomorrow morning maybe. The signal strength is not great in here, but it's good enough to post to LJ. It was a good party though. You can tell because when Road to Nowhere* came on I was surprised that it was that late. We got an honourable mention for turning up as the League of Extraordinary Gentleman, which included chocolate, but I think even with that I'm good for Weight watchers for the week. Now Alex is giving me a cuddle while we ramble a little about Irish politics and listen to Today in Parliament/The midnight news. Life is good.

*Road to Nowhere is the traditional end of Xmas party song. Everyone links arms and does can-can/mosh stuff. I, being scared of crowds, sit out.
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