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Advent calendars

It's a shame that advent calendars have become all about the chocolate these days. When I was a kid we used to get really pretty picturebook style ones with little scenes behind the doors. I had one which was a townhouse and every door had a little mouse who lived there doing something Christmassy. I used to save my advent calender after Christmas, close all the doors and use it again next year, along side the new one. I got up to 6 or 7 before I stopped doing that. Most of the calendars you see today you wouldn't consider doing that with. They're tacky quick prints with cheap and nasty chocolate in them. There's little to no thought put into the design mostly - they're not pretty any more. Finally on Tuesday I managed to find a shop selling traditional no chocolate advent calendars, but even these are not the same. They're designed for grown-ups, not kids. Mine, up here on the wall of my office, has got a rather nice renaissance style painting of an angel on it and the pictures inside are similarly arty. I wonder what happended to those calendars I saved when I was little - maybe I should get them out again.
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