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So, I'm moving my phone from an O2 contract to Vodafone pay as you talk, in the hope that I'll get decent reception. I rang Vodafone up with my PAC code and they're transferring the number to a new sim card which they posted to me. Herein lies the hitch. I had noticed that thus far this week I had received no mail. This morning, I got a small handful of things, including not my new sim but a letter from Royal Mail apologising for the recent unofficial strike action in my area and explaining that to make up for it they've made a big donation to the London Olympic bid. So my sim card is languishing somewhere in the Oxford sorting office waiting to wing it's way to me in the next day or so, I assume. Meanwhile of course, the port has gone through, so my old sim card stopped working this morning. So yeah, don't try to contact me via my mobile phone in the next couple of days. I check my email a couple of times a day, and now the ADSL is up and running you can use the landline even when I'm warezing e-books.

Oh yeah, that was the other thing that turned up in the post this morning. A letter from parcelforce explaining that I wasn't in when they tried to deliver a parcel to me and would I like to call them to arrange redelivery. I'm not sure if this refers to the router, which as far as I know they never actually attempted to deliver to my house (unless the one they sent to my office was a second router...) or a completely different parcel. I think it would be extra funny if I end up with 2 free wireless routers! They're checking the depot to see if they still have any parcels for me or not and they're going to get back to me (!) so watch this space....
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