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Against the odds

Wednesday morning, I felt fine. No problems at all. I went to synergise (a yoga/pilates/tai-chi combo thing), worked and cooked dinner as normal. But as I was watching the end of season I/start of season II of the West Wing I noticed that I was gradually starting to feel shitter. A bit bunged up. A dry throat. Slightly enlarged glands/tonsils or something in the neck regions. Achy. I took a lemsip before bed hoping to ward it off, but no luck. By the time I woke up next morning, I had a really nasty cold. Achey, slightly bunged up and sneezy, very sore throat. Since I was supposed to be helping run a workshop at work I decided I'd better go in - apart from anything else, I needed to do some Christmas shopping. And not only did I manage to contribute well to the workshop, I actually got most of the shopping I wanted to do done as well. At home I didn't have to cook because I'd had a lunch at the workshop so I was able to relax and be looked after by Alex. A bath, a bit more West Wing and the pleasure of completing Nans Christmas card before I go to visit tommorrow made it a pretty good day after all. I couldn't get the final couple of things I wanted from Amazon (they wouldn't arrive before Christmas) but even so, a surprisingly good day.

Of course this morning I felt dreadful again - lying down for a lenght of time seems to give me a dreadful headache, probably something to do with sinuses. Fortunatly, it abates after about half an hour upright, so by the time I'd showered, dressed and had a contemplative lemsip I actually felt OK enough to come into work again, where my husky voice and slightly haggard expression is getting me lots of sympathy :)

So yes. The point being that despite my feeling a bit rubbish I've got nearly everything I needed to do done. I've bought nearly all of my Christmas shopping and I know what I'm getting for the rest. I've finished the two cards I was going to embroider (although I may yet do another) and written nearly all of my cards. Now I just have to address them and post them on Monday and I can tick off that task. Tonight, I'll wrap up Mum, Dad and Steves presents ready for Mum and Dad to take with them when they visit at the weekend. Even the house isn't in too bad a state, so I won't have to rush around like a mad thing tonight, but can instead relax and let Jeremy dye my hair.

Oh, and I finally got my new sim card so mobile communications are go again. Unfortunatly though, LJ text messaging doesn't seem to have a Vodafone option so you'll have to text me the old-fashioned way. At least I get 5 bars of signal in my living room now.
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