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Stirring up the creative juices

On of the things I've found Life Balance helpful for is finding more time to do creative stuff again, which, apart from my LJ activities, I'd almost completely stopped doing. So the chance to spend a weekend in the wilds of Gloustershire seemed like the perfect opportunity to force myself to pin down one of the vague half formed ideas in my head and actually force it all the way to an ending.

Alex and I had a good start to the weekend when we discovered that Ian hadn't sold Ruths body to the fish and chip shop after all, she'd just been busy teaching. After a mostly simple if rather chilly motor down we found the cottage to discover that the fire was burning and Debra had made 3 kinds of soup to greet us with. She's lovely she is. Once we'd all made it we feasted on vegetable pie and settled down with wine and custard tarts to brainstorm the jam comic. There was lots of badger talk and frankly it was all rather confusing, although not as confusing as it apparently became after I went to bed.

Saturday I dithered but finally decided that I would really have to get some exercise and joined the walkers for a tramp off to the pub. It was actually a rather nice walk and I got some pretty pictures which I will publish soon, including doves in a dovecote, which I don't think I have ever seen before. We made it to a very pleasent country pub and had sandwiches for lunch before wandering back. I've gotten so much fitter than I was before I joined the gym - I wasn't too puffed at all, although my leg muscles did start to seize up after the break in the warm pub.

Once we were back I sat down and actually scripted a whole mini comic about my dreams. I've got a few revisions I want to make to it before I turn it into an actual comic but it's a big step forward for me to have got the whole thing down - a start and a finish and everything. I'd like to get it done by the time Comics 2004 comes around, although I don't know whether I'll be selling or just handing out to people yet. Probably depends how well I think it's come out. I still really like my mini-comic tarot plan but I'm just not getting anywhere with stories for that. It's a great concept but it needs some meat.

Meanwhile the others were mostly working on the aforementioned badger script which had evolved into a 16 page epic. I decided I wasn't confident enough to actually draw any of the panels, but I did ink one and all the stuff I saw looked great - I can't wait to see the finished product. I also got some work done on my other creative project - sewing a couple of cross-stitch christmas cards. I had found a rather nice St Nick style picture, which I have now finished to send to my grandparents.

Dinner was an epic Christmas feast only with chicken instead of turkey and was great. We wrapped up the weekend with a leisurely Sunday morning and then headed back to Oxford where it was time for Cassie to get her dinner. I felt really... rejuvinated, I suppose, by the whole experience. Not to busy, no pressure, just a bit of space to work on your creative projects. I didn't get as involved in the jam comic as quite a few of the others did because I wanted to focus on starting my own stuff, but no-one seemed to mind and I came home feeling really pleased with what I'd done. I hope we have another one.

I've got enough to keep me busy up to Christmas, but here's my list of creative projects I want to work on in the New Year

  • Designing a style for the Caption livejournal. If I'm going to get paid time to give away in exchange for my invite codes I'm going to use one to give the Caption journal a custom style. I'll be trying to make it neutral so that it doesn't clash with any of the different year designs on the website and as customizable as possible for a free user so that we can make changes when the journal goes back to free.
  • Fixing my cello and playing it again. I need to get the pegs fixed on my cello so that I can get serious about learning to play it properly.
  • Embroidery. I've got two projects on the go at the moment - a cushion cover, and a large tapestry style design of jars. They're both nice to work on in different ways and I haven't touched either for a while. I'd really like to finish the cushion cover next year
  • Turning my script into an actual minicomic to give/sell to people.

Should keep me busy for a while :)
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