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Hunter killer

I wouldn't mind Cassies urge to catch mice if she didn't insist on bringing them inside and then letting them go! Truely, I wouldn't - I could be resigned to it as part of cat nature, although it would also be nice if she didn't feel the urge to announce her triumphs in loud squeaks even when she has killed the blasted things. Starting on Saturday evening she has brought in 5 mice, 3 of which were still alive at the time and two of which I managed to rescue and return to the wild by getting her to drop them into a tupperware box for me to take outside. She brought one up and put it on the bed at 6:30am last night, which I wasn't thrilled by. Still, at least it was dead. She tends to bring them in and then if they're not moving, she'll put them down and poke them to see if they're still alive, which if they are results in a whole new exciting chase where the mouse hides under my cupboards and so on. I wonder where they're all coming from suddenly. Perhaps the extra cold in the last day or so is making them slow.
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