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Merry Christmas

Well, I've been to the butchers and got the duck (and the queue was really long!). I've got the parsnips. I've opened the last door on my advent calendar (four little cherubim, in case you were wondering). I don't know how long we're staying at work today but I don't expect it to be very late (the cleaners are threatening to come it at 12 I think). I've just got a couple more things to get and then I'll be all prepared for cooking my first ever Christmas dinner! I'm also going to my first ever midnight mass this year, and all in all I'm getting very excited about the festivities to come :) Yay for Christmas! This afternoon/evening I have to check the supplies one more time, make the final version of the Plan for dinner and wrap Alex's presents to his family (he's rubbish at wrapping). Also, I ought to buy some last minute cards - I just realised that I never send ones to Alex's family, but as we're going over at the weekend, I should be able to get away with taking them with us.
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