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Meet the parents

I really really hate being ill. After getting about 3 hours sleep last night I decided to take the day off today, which has been spent mainly asleep with occasional breaks for reading and lemsips before struggling downstairs this evening to watch a few more West Wing episodes. I'm not quite going to make my self imposed target to finish in time for tomorrows party though - I forgot that we were out last night.

Last night was time to visit Alex's dad in London for a drink and dinner, which turned out to be quite fun. I find him a little disconcerting occasionally - he has a a habit of starting in on subjects which I've been trying to tactfully skirt around - but a good time was had by all, I think you can say and Jeremy will be very jealous when she sees what the Christmas present I got from him was.

Unfortunately the cold meant that I wasn't quite my sparkling self (although I was better than I am today, perversely) as it had when we spent the weekend at Alex's mums house. Still, apart from retiring early I don't think I spoiled things too much and I didn't disgrace myself at trivial pursuit so that all seemed to go off OK.

I don't seem to see that much of Alex's parents - he doesn't arrange to see them that often, and I usually don't go with if he's seeing them in London, so I've never got to the point where I feel completely comfortable with them. I still feel rather shy and anxious to make a good impression. Still, I'm starting to feel more relaxed around them I think and perhaps we'll see more of them in the coming year.
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