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Music is moral law

I love my CD collection, I really do. Now that I'm definitely planning to get myself an iRiver I've been transferring my second string CDs to mp3 on my computer here at work and I've come across some great tracks that I haven't heard in ages. Yesterday, while Alex was out and about with his ex housemates I decided that I'd indulge myself a little and spend the evening in with my music. This, I'm afraid, involves not just listening to many many stand-out tracks but singing along with gusto as well which is why I generally try to reserve these evenings for times when Alex is out. I started on Amy Studt, slipped through Michelle Branch and Sherryl Crow to Nanci Griffiths. I haven't listened to Flyer in a while but it's got some heartbreakingly beautiful tracks on it (my particular favourites being "Nobody's Angel" and "Always Will"). To sing a track, particularly beautiful tracks like these gets me so much more emotionally involved - it really brings me into the music in a way that just listening never does. If I'm feeling low I know I can change my mood with a quick blast of some upbeat tracks (RHCP - Can't Stop for example) or I can nurture a more laid back contemplation with tracks like these. Like when I've watched a beautiful or moving piece of TV I feel slightly drained afterwards, reluctant to go back to the everyday world I've removed myself from for a while.

I also rediscovered my singles collection - Addicted to Bass for example is a great track to sing along to. Stay (Lisa Loeb) is another very pretty track and has an instrumental so I can sing the song all by myself. Some of my singles, I didn't even recognise! So I decided that today I would dedicate to ripping singles instead of getting on to FGH in the album collection. And I have to say, it's been good fun. I've listened to all the tracks except where the single is 4 mixes of the same track and I'm now up to 90 different artists and counting on my PC. When I've got my whole CD collection on here I'm going to go back to that 10 random tracks meme I think.

Which reminds me that I really wish that on tracks with multiple artists (e.g. Santana feat. Michelle Branch) you could enter them as a comma separated list or something and have the track appear under both artists instead of iTunes (or any other player) thinking that this is a completely new third artist. It would be handy for classical tracks too as you could include the composer and performer as "Artist" and sort for tracks by either. Anyone know any media players that provide this? I'd also quite like it if iTunes would tell me the currently playing track as a tooltip when I hover over it in the task bar (currently it just says iTunes) - RealPlayer used to do that and I liked it. Other than that though, I like iTunes a lot. The smart playlists are the one thing I'll really miss when I get my iRiver, the design is pretty and the interface is easy to use.
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