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Once upon a time

I haven't just used this journal to describe my day for ages for some reason. I guess they're not that different usually :) So, just so I'll know when I look back on this in a couple of years, this is what I've been up to recently.

Friday I finished up at work and after dinner Alex and I popped over to visit with Jeremy and Damian, who were also graced with the presence of Debra, Dan and Jenni. There were love robots, snack food and Chez Geek. Oh, and wine. And a good time was had by all, or at least by me and everyone else seemed to be enjoying it. Jenni looked rather good in her Pakistani clothes and fell asleep before me - amazing. My stamina must be getting better :)

Saturday was a nice lazy day with nothing to do. Alex and I had a lovely morning in bed and didn't even get up until lunchtime for a bowl of no point soup. The afternoon was passed peacefully enough with him playing computer games and me reading a few of the books on my shelf - I finished off The Dragon Waiting and sped right through the two teenage fiction books I'd picked out while shopping for Calum, both of which were pretty good. Dinner was steak, mashed potatoes and green beans. I really love to cook - it's just such a pleasant and relaxing thing and then at the end you get to eat it! The sauce was a bit over seasoned this time round - I think that Delia's suggestion of 2 teaspoons of crushed peppercorns was a bit much - but still it was pretty good. After that we settled down with the rest of the wine to watch the episodes of Carnivale that Ian and Ruth lent us. I'm not really sure what I think of that yet. It was OK but it didn't grab me particularly. Perhaps it's just that it expects you to do a lot of work and I was feeling lazy :) Still, I came away not really sure what story they were trying to tell. I've now been lent some more, and I'll be interested to see how it develops though.

Sunday was the comics tea party, which I really enjoyed. It wasn't so well attended as previously (Dan, where were you?) but that gave us plenty of room to spread out. George popped in for a flying visit with Halva and other very sweet things that I was able to refuse because they had nuts in and I only had one of Damian's oatcake things and one of Jeremy's onion rings so I felt pretty pleased with myself. I also re-did the second half of my script for my mini comic about dreams and drew out versions of all the panels except for the Wesley Crusher scene, which I found I didn't quite have the stamina for :) Still, I was quite chuffed, especially because I think that my drawing is slowly improving (although of course the best drawing was a rough in the script).

Which brings us up to yesterday evening and role-playing. I find it quite interesting but a challenge to play a character who is so different from me. I have to mentally step out of the action every now and then and try to make sure that I'm not letting myself colour Calum's actions too much. Which is OK, but it can break the flow sometimes - Eriseia and Calum were arguing about the next step after the battle and I found myself a couple of times having to put it on pause to try to sort out where I thought Calum would be as opposed to where I was. In a lot of ways it's also the most interesting thing about the role-playing though and I think I'm getting better at it. As I say, fitting into the flow is usually the hardest part. It was a good role-playing session for us as players, but not great for the party, cos we lost one :( So I'm currently working on playing 'grief-stricken' while we look at resurrection type options.

I've got quite a quiet week this week fortunately. It's a video meeting for OUSFG, which I don't think I'll go to on Wednesday and we haven't planned in any more role-playing yet. This is good because I've got loads of things I want to do but I very rarely seem to have the energy to do them at the moment, mostly website related and a few support things. I'm definitely having a few problems summoning up energy in the evening at the moment - I must be working too hard :) Still, at least I'm finally well again.
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