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Over for now

Well, the visit was both better and worse than I feared. I started off by arriving about 20 minutes before Mum and Dad, meaning I had to make slightly stilted chitchat with Grandad for a little. He wasn't doing that well himself having got a chest infection and not realised that his inhaler had run out yesterday so he was very wheezy. Mum and Dad arrived at nearly the same time as the community nurse who reassured us that his new meds hadn't quite kicked in yet and promised to pop in tomorrow.

It turned out that visiting hours in Nan's new ward didn't start until 3:30 so we stayed with Grandad for lunch and chatted and fussed the dogs until it was time to head to the hospital. Nan herself didn't seem in pain when we saw her, just very tired and frail. Aparently they "nearly lost her" on Thursday but she's stable now, if not well enough to go home. They're not really sure of what caused her to collapse but they're varying her meds and investigating. She said that when they were calling to her while she was coming round she wished that she could just stay gone where it was peaceful.

When I mentioned a plan for April she said she didn't expect to see it and when Mum demurred she responded "I hope not, love. I'm fed up of this". For her sake, I hope not too. She deserves to rest.
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