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On a lighter note

First of all, thanks very much to all of you who've left supportive comments about my weekend - I'm feeling much better again now after spending the day pottering round the house and relaxing.

Secondly, an announcement! This year I will be 25 (on the 20th Feb, to be precise). As I'm going away the two weekends afterwards I have decided to have my birthday party the weekend before, on Valentines day itself* and you are all invited. Things will be kicking off from 8pm and this time round I'm just going for bring a bottle rather than trying to co-ordinate anything for cocktails. There is 1 parking space and a very limited amount of crash space if people want. If you've never actually met me in real life (or just can't remember where I live) email me and I'll send you details of where to come. So yes, come, meet me and loads of other people, bring a bottle, bring a valentine, hell, bring anything that takes your fancy (as long as it won't make a mess!).

*I know, I know, but going out on Valentines day itself is always insane anyway because it's so busy so I figured it was no worse than any other weekend really.
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