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Geeky pleasures

Well, yesterday was a day of geeky pleasures. Firstly, after an offhand comment from Alex I decided that I was finally going to buy a proper DVD player - I'm fed up with the amount of fiddling required to play back through the laptop. Richer Sounds still had a multi-region player which had got pretty good reviews for £30 (although it didn't come with a scart so I had to pay £40 total) so I snapped up the last one in the Oxford shop. It plays multi-region DVDs, it plays VCDs, it even plays some of the CDs of Carnivale that Ian lent me (although not all). Pretty sweet, I thought.

And then, before I had made it out to lunch even, we got second post in the office, which contained a parcel for me from Amazon - yes, my iRiver has finally made it. It's small and shiny - it looks a lot geekier than the iPod on first sight. The user interface is not quite intuitive but I'm getting the hang of it pretty fast. I've only got USB 1.1 on my PC so the transfer rate isn't as zippy as it could be (about 1min30secs per album as an average) but now the big data load is out of the way that shouldn't be a problem. The sound reproduction seems pretty good and it comes with line out cable etc so that I can play it out of my stereo. The one thing I haven't tried yet is the recording, which should be fun. I've even found a program I can use to simply compile playlists for it on the internet so music for tomorrows party is taken care of :)

Ah yes, don't forget, party @ my place, tomorrow from 8. Bring a bottle, come along and have a laugh.

This evening, I think I'm going to skip the gig in town in favour of a quiet night in. I'll make a few playlists, geek around on my website and LJ like I've been meaning to all week and watch Mysterious Cities of Gold in french from dottys DVDs. After all, next week I'll be tech-less for a good portion of the time. Wednesday is Nans funeral and afterwards Alex and I are getting a lift back with my parents to Norfolk for my long planned birthday break. Not quite internet-less but dial-up and I'm not lugging my laptop this time round so I'm going to make it a bit of a retreat. I dread to think what my friends page will be like by the time I get back! Thank you all for your kind comments by the way - I do intend to respond to each one individually but I haven't yet found the time. It's good to know that you're all out there thinking of me.
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