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One over the eight?

I had a very strange experience last night. I went over to Ian and Ruths to do some roleplaying and between the 6 of us (or 4 who were drinking wine I suppose) we polished off 3 bottles of wine - two white and one red. That suggests that even if I got more than my fair share I can't have had more than a bottle. The thing is, while I wouldn't say I get through that regularly, it's not an unusual occurance. Other roleplaying sessions, the pub on Tuesday night, parties... a bottle of wine is well within my range normally. Last night though, I was completely fine and normal and then suddenly it was as if I had somehow been replaced by a lightweight. I started to feel all dizzy and very drunk indeed. Fortunatly, we were pretty close to wrapping up anyway but I ended up having to walk home because I didn't feel up to cycling and then having to sit by the loo for a little while because I was worried I would throw up. After about 10 minutes that receded though and I just felt exhausted so I went upstairs and curled up with Alex to go to sleep. This morning things seem to be back to normal because I don't have a hangover or anything (unlike after Saturday). I'll just have to be cautious at the pub tonight in case I'm coming down with something!
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