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Catch up

So, I haven't really had time to do much writing in here this week. It's about time I did a catch up, I think

I had a really lovely holiday last week. I went shopping with Mum where I bought a pair of size 14 trousers! I hadn't meant to buy any new clothes until I reached goal but I've shrunk right out of my blue jeans so I decided that these were necessary for work. And they do look damn good :) I also bought an outfit to wear to Suzies wedding (after going round every single shop in Norwich!) and some fawn suede slouch boots to wear with it. On my birthday itself we went to Walsingham Abbey for a snowdrop hunt (we spotted 2.7364 squillion snowdrops) and a quick visit to the religious tat shop where we manfully refrained from buying communion wine to take to parties. That evening it was dinner at the Lavender House which was as spectacularly wonderful as always and we toasted my 25th year in style. A bit of culture was added by a visit to the Sainsbury Centre at the UEA. The Sainsbury centre reminds me a little of the Pitt Rivers but in an enormous airy building. Lots of weird artefacts with very little context. The Pitt Rivers plus paintings perhaps - we found a couple of artists we really liked there. Anyway, it was a very enjoyable browse to round off the break. As well as giving me a birthday cheque, Dad had made me a ton of mp3s of stuff I've only got on tape so I had plenty to listen to on the way home as well.

Speaking of which, now that I've got to know it a little, I love my iRiver! It's soooo fab. I've got all my songs indexed and a few playlists and so on created and I wander round the office in a happy musical daze. I had concrete proof of the power of music in the gym yesterday when I was just about to come off the cross trainer when Danni Minogue vs Dead or Alive came on and I was bouncing away so nicely to that that I kept going for another 5 minutes! I only got off during the Hives because it occurred to me that if I wanted time for a shower I was going to have to! That's unprecedented for me but I'm hoping that it won't be a one off. The only thing I've found annoying so far is that on the case there is a belt *loop* instead of a belt *clip* meaning that you have to be wearing a belt or put it in a pocket.

This week has been kind of busy and uneventful if you see what I mean. I managed to go to a snake feeding and not get attacked or shat on by the snakes which was good. I also watched DVDs - I must update my "currently" section (oh, and I'm trying to think of a new title for it - any ideas?). Between pub and role-playing, I've had plenty of socializing and I'm about to have more this weekend.

Tonight, it's the OUSFG banquet, to which I am very much hoping to wear the dress I wore in my first year. Even if I can't quite manage that though I'm sure there will be a few photos of people in formal dress in the gallery come next week. I went shopping with Ruth yesterday looking for a new dress for her but the nice ones were all too expensive :( I've vowed to make her go along to the sales next time they come up and pick one out for next year. I did manage to get some new shoes though :) Then Saturday is Suzies hen night. I'm not quite sure what I'm wearing for that yet - it's dinner, a "surprise" which involves costumes (hired for us) and then possibly karaoke! Still, it should be a good night out. Who knows if I'll make it along to Neals birthday lunch after all that. The fun never stops, does it.

Also, if I ever go up the aisle (v. unlikely!) I would like to have Smells like Teen Booty playing as my processional - "I don't think you can handle this"!
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