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So I haven't been very prolific in these pages recently for some reason. I've wondered a lot about why that is but I can't really pin it down. The travelling I've done lately has provided me with the opporunity to write lots of florid, verbose and overblown entries, often in the prose style of whatever I've been most recently reading. Fortunatly for you, I've not actually had the chance to write any of these down before they've mostly slipped away.

Today is one of the interminable meetings for SPOCC however so I've time to sit down and write with little to distract me.

I suspect that one of the reasons that I haven't gotten around to writing is that I'm often either to busy or too tired to get into the right frame of mind for recording things. Take last week. Thursday I was due to travel to Haringey (quite a trek) for an afternoon business meeting. In the morning before I left I got a call from Mum to let me know that Grandad had had a fall and gone into hospital. Hearing her concern, I offered to go over after my meeting to visit and see how he was doing. My increased anxiety about the whole thing lead to me leaving extra early (I hate to be late for things) so I had half an hour to fret in a coffee shop when I got to Wood Green. The meeting itself turned out to be extremly stressful - most of it was on a topic I was completely unprepared for if not completely ignorant on which completely threw me. I came out almost shaking with adrenaline an hour later than I'd expected. Although I'd expected it to be more stressful the visit to Grandad was quite restful in comparison. He wasn't looking too bad and we had quite a nice chat. My aunt turned up half way through and we were all chatting quite peacefully. Still, by the time I got home I was completly wiped. I had to call on Alex's revitalizing and toastie making skills to recover in the evening.

Today wouldn't be too bad if I hadn't managed to get ill over the weekend, but I've managed to pick up a rather flu-ey cold which is really exhausting me. Fortunately, I don't have much to say today; just a bit of a nag to get them interested in the website again.

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