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Week Off

I've finally recovered enough that I can cope with going to work or out and about without collapsing with exhaustion in short order, which is a good thing. Days off really work (especially days off with added hugs and coddling). I'm still having to pause and grab a tissue with reasonable frequency but I think I've got the damn thing on the run. I was musing with Ruth that I have a feeling that last year, when I didn't have hardly any colds, was also the year I didn't get the flu vaccination. If I remember, I might try not getting it next year, see if we can establish a more definite pattern.

Now that I'm starting to pick up again health-wise it seems as good a time as any to try taking a week off again. Until Saturday (Suzie's wedding!) I'm going to completely cut out caffiene and alcahol and try to cut down on things like meat, dairy and bread. It's not quite proper detox because I won't be cutting them out all together but still, I think it helps to have a clean out every now and then and it won't hurt my diet either. Lots of water too. I'd say early nights but that seems like wishful thinking :)

I was listening to Jack Straw on the radio this morning trying to claim that getting involved in Iraq hadn't made us more of a target for terrorism. There was one particularly fine part where he said in reference to something "I've never said that and nor has the Prime Minister" and James Naughtie immediately quoted to him the Prime Minister saying exactly that. He found it a little difficult to weasel out of that one, although he tried. I wish I could remember what it was though.

Jack Straw really bugs me, I have to say. He always comes over as completely deaf to any arguements which might be offered against his position and just doggedly sticks to it even if it makes less and less sense as the interview goes on. Perhaps it's just bad interview technique, but it drives me mad. And for goodness sake, Jack. There were no weapons. You know it and I know it so just give it up, OK!

David Blunkett is another one - if I'd been at his speech to the Labour conference I would have thrown something at him and he'd have been lucky if it was only an egg! I really hate it when Labour politicians seem to say that party members should support any bone headed right wing policies they come up with just because it's the Labour party doing it. It doesn't make you any less of an enemy of jurisprudence, freedom of speech and democracy just because you've got your red card, David! When he first proposed his latest clutch of measures to remove rights of appeal from asylum seekers, Helena Kennedy described him as having learned his jurisprudence from Robert Mugabe, which seems about right sometimes.

While I'm at it (last one for now, honest) the other person who gets interviewed for news programs and really bugs me is Digby Jones, the director of the CBI. He's like a cartoon capitalist - given any suggestion, you can always guess exactly how he'll react. Giving more rights to workers is too expensive, more regulation is a burden on business and therefore a bad thing and so on. If he could just once stand back and look at the issues instead of rattling out the kneejerk response... The union leaders are usually as bad in the other direction, but it's not always the same one so there's no focus for my anger :)
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