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A day out

Well, I was ever so slightly nervous about the idea of meeting up with entirelysonja and her husband for a days tour around Oxford while they were in the country. I mean, I knew that she was a really nice person online and all, but you never quite know how that's going to translate. In the event, it translated really well. The four of us (Alex came as well) chatted away about everything and nothing the whole time and had a really good day. As Christchurch turned out to be mostly closed until after lunch we diverted to the museum of Oxford, which turned out to not be the most interesting Oxford has to offer but still, we had some good debates going to divert us. Over lunch, John mentioned that his university had an edition of Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Salvador Dali and lo and behold, when we went round Christchurch, the picture gallery was doing an exhibition of that very edition! And well worth a look if you're in town - it's open until late April, I think. A wander round Christchurch meadow and then the deer park, and then dinner all made for a great day in great company. If you guys ever need a second home you would so fit right in with us in Oxford :)
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