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Support stats

I have discovered http://www.supportoffice.org/my/touchdata.php - it's great! I've imported the data into SQL so that I can get loads of funky data out of it (although curse the designers of SQL server for making life difficult for anyone who doesn't want to use middle-endian dates (I think that's what they're called). I probably haven't set a setting somewhere but it's very annoying!

Category     RequestsTouched Touches     ScreenedAnswers Answers     ICs         
------------ --------------- ----------- --------------- ----------- ----------- 
All          152             226         18              59          148
clients      2               2           0               1           1
communities  14              14          12              2           0
embedding    2               4           0               1           3
general      48              63          2               12          48
styles       61              101         4               28          69
syn          12              25          0               8           17
userpics     1               1           0               1           0
web-ui       12              16          0               6           10

So, these are my stats for this month, barring a late spurt this evening (a possibility actually as it's a night in). I was surprised that I have all my answers approved in web-ui, clients and userpics but I guess this is probably because I tend not to guess in those categories. I only write answers in them rarely and they tend to only be when I'm pretty sure of the answer. In a category like styles, even though I generally am pretty sure of the answer I'll sometimes need a resubmit to correct for spelling or add a last minute FAQ addition or something just because of the frequency of my work there. Still, I'm pleased to see that my screened count is quite low for all the categories I've got supporthelp in. Actually, that's something else I could analyse for - number of requests where I left a screened and not also an answer.
OK, the 12 comms requests where I have screened, I don't also have answers and on one styles request. So that's pretty good, I think. I wonder what the styles request was... it was this one where I left a screened instead of an IC. So I've been approved or self-approved on all the requests I've answered in categories where I have SH which is reassuring. I have been self approving more often lately, but not always.

So anyway. You can tell that comms is the category I'm trying to learn because I'm answering there not getting approved that much while I learn. Also, I'm still a screenie so I can't tell when a better answer has already been submitted - I'll have to get over that barrier when I do eventually get I1s. In G/UNK there was enough other stuff to answer and in categories like embedding and syn there often wasn't a good answer there so it's not been a problem before but I've heard that a lot of bunnehs hang out in comms so I may have to force myself to leave answers I know won't get approved as a learning tool. I wish I could swap see screened for see ICs only but that would be weird, I guess. I'm going to do a graph later of my support activity over the whole time I've been doing it because I'm sad like that.
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