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The great outdoors

I went for a walk round Christ Church meadow this lunchtime - the siren song of the sunshine called to me. It was intoxicating - warm and delicious, with beautiful scents wafting around and the sun on my skin. I'm such a sun worshipper, I really am. It felt so good that I'm almost tempted to walk home that way instead of cycling. I wish more of March could be like this. I was comfortable wandering around in thin trousers and a strappy top. The sun was warm but there was a pleasant breeze so it didn't feel hot. The flowers were coming out and the air smelled beautiful - properly spring like. It was perfect. I wish you could get wireless networking out there - I could go and work in the sun :) I think it may definitely be time for a test of wireless networking in the garden when I get home...

This also brings me to a dilemma that I've been pondering on and off for a few weeks now - what to do about my gym membership. Since they've gotten disorganised and arrogant I haven't really been going to the classes any more. I go along 3 or 4 times a week and do some work on the treadmill and the cross trainer (recently up to 20mins!) and then some situps and pressups. I quite enjoy it, but I can't help feeling that I might as well just go running in my lunchhour.

Of course, running would be outside. This is both a pro and a con really. I love to be outside, especially in the summer and right now it would definitely be a plus but it does also mean that I wouldn't be able to do any exercise on rainy days. This isn't necessarily terrible but it's a point to bear in mind. Fortunatly, Christ Church meadow is just accross the road from where I'm working right now so that would be pretty easy and it's a good place to do running because it's got a loop. We're moving offices relatively soon of course, but the two favoured options are slightly further up the road where I could still use the meadow or Park End street where I could use the canal path so that's not a problem - they'd both be a pleasure. The big pro is that it's a lot cheaper obviously, which potentially frees up money to do something like starting riding classes again (also good exercise).

On the downside we have the fact that I've no idea if I would keep running up. I've surprised myself by the amount I go to the gym to be honest and it doesn't seem like it would be that much different right now but I can imagine getting discouraged easier in the winter. I wouldn't have access to the swimming pool - not a terrible problem because I very rarely use it. It's too small to be nice to use if there are more than 2 other people there. I also wouldn't have access to a shower afterwards which would be much more annoying. I could pack a flannel and give myself a quick wipe down in the ladies loos but that might be a little anti-social!

Even if I do want to cancel my gym membership I won't be able to do it for another month (it's like a phone contract - at least a year and then 1 months notice) so I can always try out running and see how I feel I guess. Here's hoping that the rest of the week turns out nice.
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