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Only joking

It always surprises me that otherwise sane, sensible and adult people still make an effort to do silly things for April Fools day. The Today programme spent 5 minutes burbling about a new synth version of the Archers theme tune, Google are opening a moonbase and there've been various people posting about unlikely events happening in their lives. It's not that these jokes particuarly annoy me but I rarely find them actually funny. You get to the end or whatever and yes, it's a joke and... I don't know, perhaps I'm sense of humour deficient but I just can't really see the point.

If it was just that people did this and that was all, I would be able to roll my eyes and say "People, eh?" but what I do find annoying is people who take it seriously and get all angry and agressive. I'm sure the Today programme and the Archers editors will be getting plenty of emails complaining about the proposed new tune and then when the hoax is revealed complaining that they were hoaxed. I'm surprised that LJ even decided to have another joke after what happened last year and the amount of noise and fuss even in some of the comms I read like lj_biz is ridiculous. It's the sort of thing I can imagine sounding like a funny idea when batted around in the LJ offices but I'm surprised it seemed worth the hassle to actually do.

Thinking about it, I rarely find jokes involving deception or playing tricks on someone funny. I hated and loathed Jeremy Beadle with a passion. Perhaps it's the sense of betrayal of trust which sours it for me. I don't want to come off as lecturing anyone - I haven't been offended or hurt by any of the jokes I've come across this year - it's just made me muse once more about how much I don't get it.
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