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I am constantly taken by surprise by how caring Alex is towards me. He offered to stay home from the pub with me last month to look after me and keep me company and things. I wasn't violently ill, just being strange and light-headed. I've been getting more head rushes than usual lately for some reason and yesterday that combined with having to get up early, having a stressful day in Milton Keynes and then getting hit by one of the insane gales and hail/rain storms coming home from weight-watchers. I just collapsed on the sofa and got toasties made for me. Alex gave me hugs, fed me and was quite willing to give up his whole evening to devote to making me feel better. I love him very much indeed and he so often reminds me of how lucky I am to be with him.

This morning I was feeling quite a lot better although my muscles are still rather achey and I went out for my second try at running. When I first decided to exercise I did a little bit of running in South Park before the gym openned but I really couldn't manage much. By a year later, I can jog all the way to the river and round Deadmans Walk and back to Christ Church without stopping. I'm amazed. I think I could definitely switch over, although I'll have to find a way to carry water with me when it gets hot (I have to have my hands free).

Another thing I wanted to note: at Milton Keynes yesterday, we had lunch in their rather nice canteen and I noticed that they have a bar in the corner! Seems a bizarre idea for a workplace, but who knows what's normal in Milton Keynes?
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