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Public service announcement

For those of you not watching things like syn_promo (I don't think this has even been plugged in news), you may be interested to know that the syndication quotas are history. This means that free users can now add as many feeds to their friends lists as they like. The ability to create new feeds is still restricted to paid/permanent account holders though - I think the theory is that although each feed represents a cost to LJ, once it exists the cost of extra users watching it is minimal if anything.

There's a list of popular feeds at http://www.livejournal.com/syn/ and if you know a feed URL you can find it by using the search on that page. There's a list of all updating syn feeds at http://www.livejournal.com/syn/list.bml (and boy are there a lot of them!), and I'll just make quick mention of a few I've created that people on my friends list might be interested in: peteashton, bugpowder_rss, twic (hardly ever posts), pickypicky (comments from the picky picky game), and pdc (Damians blog on alleged). Share and enjoy!

I am going to write about my Easter weekend, but not until I get back from lunch.
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