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Yes, let every working man and woman in the UK give thanks and praise for the holy of holies recently experienced; the four day weekend.

Once again I decided not to join the flow of my peer group towards Eastercon. Normally it's family stuff as Mum and Dad both have birthdays pretty soon. This year however, despite Easter being a bit earlier and freeing me up, I decided that what I really needed was a break. Somehow the programme for Eastercon always fails to fill me full of glee. Partly it's just that I'm less well read than most people I know and so the guests are less likely to be anyone I've heard of. As for the rest it tends to be the things like the masked balls and robot wars that get advertised and not the panels and other events. That's fair enough I suppose but it doesn't entice me to part with 40 quid plus hotel for a weekend.

Alex and I kicked off our break by staying in bed until about 1:30pm before a leisurely lunch. We were somewhat taken aback when booting up to check the days cinema listings yielded the information that our ADSL connection was broken. Which was very annoying, particularly as there were no people on help desk because of the holiday. Still, undeterred, we hit the town and headed for the Virgin sale where I picked up two Futurama box sets and Civ III + expansion. Replete with shopping, Alex took me out for a drink and dinner and we headed home.

That was actually probably the most eventful day of the four. The rest of the time we mostly relaxed together. I learned to play a militaristic civilization as queen of the Zulus while Alex tried out some of the Conquests stuff in the expansion. I cleaned the bathroom so much that even the pipes are now dust free (it may not sound like fun but it made me happy). I did some gardening. We watched Futurama and Farscape DVDs. We relaxed. We spent a lot of time sleeping in.

On Tuesday there was much excited talk on my Friends list and in the pub about how great Eastercon had been and lots of it did sound interesting but I don't regret not having gone. I really needed that break - I feel really refreshed now and Alex and I both agreed that for 2 days holiday investment a four day weekend would be well worth it when we're feeling a bit worn down by the pace of things. These days holiday is so sparse that I don't seem to often book it just to do nothing in - there's always somewhere to go, something to do - but in future I'll be saving a few days for the next time I need a recharge.
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