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There and Back Again.

No civilized journey should begin at 7:03 in the morning but there you are. I'm resigned to being uncivilized. Virgin trains are pretty damn nice these days it would seem but they're a bugger to sleep on - the seats are too upright by far - so I doze fitfully and dream of a recline function until we make it into Birmingham. Once there, we are picking up the train to Edinburgh, which sounds like a much better destination than Wakefield. Maybe I'll just stay on the train. The buffet car doesn't have much breakfast-ish but it does have a rather neat 4 compartment tray with 4 different tiny sandwiches in which do just as well. I'm dosing myself with diet coke to wake me up and put my iRiver onto random. It's definitely a neophile and picks out a tonne of stuff I haven't heard yet from the enormous stash of mp3s my Dad bought with him when he visited. No Bob Dylan yet but a bit of Johnny Cash and plenty of Hank Williams. 10 CDs is a lot but not enough to account for how often he comes up. No matter how I struggle and strive, I'll never get out of this world alive.


Who would have thought that so many people using the train going though Wakefield to Cardiff on a Thursday afternoon. I managed to find what seemed like the only free seat on the train but I would have done better to perch in the corridor - I'd forgotten quite how ill travelling backwards on the train makes me feel. Fortunately, the train I've changed onto is much quieter and I'll be able to while away the rest of the trip back watching the world slip by me.


Turns out what I took advantage of this for in the end was to sleep for an hour and a half, having managed to find a reasonably comfortable position. Thing like today always tend to exhaust me rather - early start and then you spend 4 hours sitting in a meeting room where you have to concentrate the whole time and stay focused. I'm just going to spend my evening relaxing with a toastie or so, a bit of Futurama and, with any luck a few choice hugs from Alex.


Moaning The Blues - Hank Williams
Satan's Jewel Crown - Emmylou Harris
Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Bob Dylan
Bottle Let Me Down - Emmylou Harris
The One And Only - Chesney Hawkes
The Bonny Fisherboy - Eliza Carthy
Pan American - Hank Williams
Serenade in C Minor - Mozart
Workin' On The Highway - Bruce Springsteen
Big Iron - Johnny Cash
Love Explosion - Weezer
Root Down - Beastie Boys
bones - Radiohead
Selective Memory - Eels
Game On - Catatonia
The Wicked Messenger - Bob Dylan
String Quartet 9 G minor Allegro - Franz Schubert
Mooning - Cast of Grease
Oily Water - Blur
Driftin' Too Far From The Shore - Hank Williams
Year Zero - Alabama 3
Old Horse - Martin Carthy
Anvil Chorus - Verdi
U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
I Could Die For You - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The Funeral (Luke The Drifter) - Hank Williams
What A Day - Gemma Hayes
Marguerite - Gottschalk
Rhythm Is Gonna Getcha - Gloria Estafan
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