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I've been musing on and off today about whether I'd really like to change my work schedule. I had to wait in for a parcel this morning which didn't arrive until just gone 10 and the thing was I got loads of things done in that time. Normally, I'm not really able to get any programming done at work until that sort of time anyway. I catch up with emails, make tea, read through my plans, write LJ posts, that sort of thing. At home, I did a bowl of washing up and tidied a few things up in the kitchen, made a shopping list for later, did 3/4 of an hours worth of LJ support and I was just about to start fixing my sandals when the delivery man rang the bell. So I find myself wondering whether I shouldn't try coming in a bit later a couple of days a week and going home later. After all, if I'm staying in I tend to just mooch around for an hour or so when I get in from work anyway. Definitely food for thought.

My parcel was the flat screen monitor and DVD writer drive I'd ordered from scan for the new server we're putting together. It just needs a nice long bit of network cable and an enormous hard drive and then we're really good to go but hopefully Alex will be able to play Neverwinter Nights on it as soon as we've got it set up this evening. Hmm. Must learn how to schedule an FTP job via Win 2k. Also, can't decide whether to update the MSDN copy of Win2k on it currently to the MSDN version of WinXP we got from Neal. I'll have to see.

I've been meaning to write here about my performance review, ever since vinagrettegirl reminded me in a comment that I hadn't told you the results. Basically, as my mind knew they would be, my fears were groundless. Everything seems to be going very well. It was agreed that I get to keep the website development (my baby) to do and I agreed that I would try out doing a few more bits of consultancy to see if I can get used to it or if it's always going to make me really nervous/stressed. I've only done it once so far and your first try at something like that is always really scary. Still, it went pretty well, and hopefully that little project will be all wrapped up in the next day or two. So yeah, life at OCC is looking good and when we make our move to air-conditioned offices it will be even better.
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