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Guilty pleasures

I know that really, I should have gone to OUSFG last night. After all, discussion meetings are one of the few things that I generally do get along to. But the thing is, I managed to pick up a network cable yesterday (that just fits - anyone want to swap a 5m cable for a 6m one?) and connected the new computer to the magical internet - yay! This, of course, lead to Alex installing Neverwinter Nights - one of the reasons we realised we really wanted a games machine was that it doesn't quite run on his laptop and by the time we'd got the game and both the expansions installed it was 8pm. We looked at eachother, we dithered, but in the end we thought what the heck! And I have to say that the game looks great on our new monitor and everything. I've ordered the new hard drive and tonight we're going to plug in the DVD burner and hopefully get the home network all set up! Maybe next week I'll make it to OUSFG.

Cassie and I are both getting stuck today - she's got her first immuneotherapy injection and I've got to go and get my depo-provera booster. Keep your fingers crossed for her.
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