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Well, one down, one to go. It's nice to see that the universe chooses to get it's own back on me in small ways - today is the one day this week that I cannot leave my bike at home and had to go out cycling at lunch so of course it's pouring. At least it was already started this morning so I knew to bring my waterproofs.

I forgot to mention in my last post that once Alex was well away with Neverwinter Nights I stopped looking on and did something I haven't done for, ooh must be more than a year. I went upstairs and got my violin out. I managed to get it "in tune" - i.e. the strings are a fifth apart. Whether the A string is within a gnats crotchet of A I wouldn't like to say. I was considerably rusty to begin with but looking through my music collection I gradually started to get back into the swing of it, my fingers remembering the patterns of movement for some of the pieces despite all the time since I last played them. I got rather lost in the whole thing and was rather surprised to discover that it was 11pm when I put the instrument down with aching fingers and shoulders - it can't have been later than 9:30 when I went upstairs and was probably closer to 9 so that's a pretty hefty practise. As always, I think to myself, yes, I will do this regularly again but who knows if I really will.
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