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Sigh. I can't focus today for some reason. I've got ideas for website features (for my work web project) going round in my head but I just don't really have time for them right now. I've made some notes in the hope that when I get to go back to it they'll still make sense. My new hard-drive turned up this morning, although a bit later than I'd hoped, so by the time we do roleplaying on Monday I hope to have it sitting in the corner providing access to all of our PDF D&D books. With any luck we'll even be able to share files between the desktop and the two laptops, although given how unreasonably tricky that's been so far, I'm not holding my breath.

I'm having fun with roleplaying at the moment. Calum is still pretty challenging to play as he's so different to me - I find playing the combo of low intelligence and high charisma particularly tricky and my attempts to be persuasive tend to end up with rather more flowery language than they should. The character I started in Neverwinter Nights last night is the same intelligence as Calum and he talks in baby talk! I suppose he does have a third of Calums charisma :) I must find time to sit down and write a long email to Ruth about my plans for leadership and other character development type stuff.
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