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Film Wednesdays Tuesdays

After we went to see the Butterfly Effect on a Tuesday before going to CBS, Alex and I both agreed that Tuesday evenings was a really good time for us to go and see films - it fits in really well. We've done it both weeks since then and have more or less decided to try to do it every week. This is going to exponentially increase the number of films I go to see as prior to that I hadn't got round to seeing anything in the cinema for months and I'm hoping that this will have a couple of effects.

Firstly, it will hopefully increase my general cultural awareness. Not going to see stuff means not only not being able to discuss it down the pub but not picking up the references, the homages, the pastiches. It can be a two edged sword because I can currently enjoy some things which seem derivative to my friends because I'm not aware that they are but on the whole, it's probably better to have seen and enjoyed the originals than to get a bit of additional enjoyment from the pale shadows.

The other thing that I'm hoping is that it will enable me to talk and write about film a little better. I tend to find that the more complex a film is, the more difficulty I have in articulating my response to it. For a movie like X-men it's pretty easy. It all happens on one level for the most part and you can come out and discuss the bits of the plot that worked for you and the bits that didn't. But movies where the plot is not the main thing leave me a little stumped. Hopefully, if I see enough good films, I'll be able to start picking out commonalities which will help me to realise what it is that creates those reactions.

I've been thinking about Spotless Mind since I went to see it last week. Films rarely really get to me - mostly I experience film in a more immediate but less viceral way that I do reading for some reason. I'm not a very visual person in general, I guess and I feel less involved in films generally. This is a round about lead up to talking about the fact that this film really did get to me. I cried at the end. I thought that it was beautiful, sad, happy and unbearably tragic. I still haven't decided whether I think that Joel and Clementine could make it work or not but I think that whether you see the romance as doomed or destined, the film is still hugely sad. After analysing it for a while, I think that what makes it so tragic is that no matter what happens in the future, and no matter what the recent past has been like, Joel had beautiful memories of their relationship. Happy memories that he could have cherished even if they never did get back together but those are gone now. Whether or not they get to have good times together this time round, they can't get back what they've lost and that made me want to cry. Something so beautiful, gone forever.

This week we decided to put off going to Van Helsing for a week (it is on at very inconvenient times in the centre as well) and instead headed over to the Twilight Samuri at the Phoenix. I'd been attracted to this by the blurb on the programme I picked up while buying our memberships and zombie tickets and I did really enjoy it but it's a classic example of what I was talking about a couple of paragraphs ago - I can't articulate why. It's a Japanese film, subtitled into English, set at the very end of the feudal period, when guns are just starting to be available. Partly I liked it for similar reasons to good science fiction - it was an interesting window onto a culture which is to me very largely alien. I was thinking afterwards that to me, the two little girl actors seemed very good, but I wonder if they would have to a Japanese person - would you be able to tell? The plot was there but it felt kind of incidental a lot of the time - just a way of showing this man and how he fitted into his society. It's slow paced but absorbing and the central characters are charming. I'd recommend this as a film, but I can imagine that it's not something everyone would enjoy.

Next up, Van Helsing - helping to pin down the dumb fun end of my film spectrum.

Also, thanks to a comment from concourse (*waves*) on my previous entry, I've realised that this is my 1000th entry - at least it's not entirely insubstantial even if it is just me wibbling on about films some more. And I can't post it because my journal is in read only mode. *must resist temptation to open a spr0t request about it*
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