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For some reason I have caffiene urges today. I haven't really had any all week but today, I crave tea. Go figure. The thing with having lots of interesting programming to do is that I've been meaning to write about 3 entries and not got round to it yet. Nor have I done much priv playing (in web! yay!) - bad Jo!

I was talking to Ian in the pub tonight about my latest dither, which is about headphones. Currently, the best headphones I own are probably the ones I brought for £5 at the gym. The trouble with this is that they're not in ear ones or anything. I bought some reasonably expensive clip on ones, which are not too bad (and have a nifty retractable cord) but they don't actually hold against your ear well enough in my opinion, nor are they very discreet. What I really want are a pair of in ear headphones which (a) have good sound quality and good bass, (b) are comfortable to wear for long periods and (c) don't fall out very easily (preferably able to stand up to jogging). (a) I can get a reasonable idea from reviews, (b) there is no way I can find out without borrowing someone else's pair for the day and (c) I can't find out unless I get to try a pair on. I've been looking at these Sony ones but they're quite expensive for headphones, although if I could be sure they met all my criteria I'd get them. Ian let me try on his pair in the pub last night and (a) and (c) seem to be pretty good. I think (b) would be OK, and they do come with different sized bits to go in your ear, but still, I dither. Anyone else have any headphone recommendations? Even if I do decide to get them, I then have to dither about whether to wait 4 weeks for them or get them from Dixons for £10 extra.

I am pleased to report that after a couple of awkward occasions, Alex and I have got the cat injecting thing down. I've got a good grip on the thing now which means that I can be very quick and so she doesn't manage to squirm away or anything. She won't let me look inside her mouth, but she's not developing any ulcers externally, which is a good sign. Hopefully it's working. She's been chasing ghost mice more but I think that's just her rather than any side effect.

I was going to write an update about my weekend, which was very relaxing even though it contained two parties. What with it nearly being next weekend now, it seems a bit late though. Maybe I'll write it up for posterity and backdate it. In summary, I went to my friend Suzie's birthday party on Saturday where I ate too much cake and tried to debate politics with her husband despite not being at my best. On Sunday we managed to get up and out in time to go punting for Damian's birthday, which was really lovely and it turns out that I'm good and punting so that was really good.

I took the Caption leaflets into the printers and they have an option of folding them up for you, which, being really lazy, I thought was fantastic and went for. If the rest of you think it's a waste of money I'll fund it myself but I thought that for £7.50 it was a bargin.
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