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You may remember (or you may not) that 8 months ago, I ran into the back of someone at a junction while I was moving Alex's stuff to my house. I gave them the details of the rental company, I didn't get my deposit back on the car, I figured it was all done and dusted by now. But no. I got a letter in the post this morning from a firm of solicitors saying that he's suing for whiplash, head injury and neck injury and I should pass the details onto my insurance company (or in this case, the insurance company of the rental people)! At the time of the accident he seemed completely fine - no rubbing the neck or anything - and how are they supposed to tell after this length of time anyway! So I've been stressed and paranoid about it all day, wondering whether the insurance people will stick up for me and what the limit is on that anyway and all this sort of thing. I'm convinced that they'll find some way to make me pay for it all. The accident was my fault and I'm happy to be responsible for the damage to his car being repaired but this just seems like an opportunistic grab. And only this morning the Today programme was telling me that we don't really live in a compensation culture.
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