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Something about the piece of code that I'm working on is just not coming. It should be fairly easy, but I'm just staring at it, unable to make a decision on how to do it for some reason. I don't know.

So, while I wait for inspiration to strike, a little love for my poor neglected LJ. I have 2 or 3 posts that I've been meaning to make on top of ones to the Caption community but somehow I just haven't had time to sit down and write them. Partly it's been that the chance to get back to coding again at work has really felt good and for most of this week I've been really absorbed by adding new features and so on. I was even supremely geeky last night by spending the evening fixing up a free time VB project to be ready to go - there's now an overnight process on the desktop at home which ftps down copies of my log files, opens them up, parses them and sticks them in a database :) Of course now I have to do some work on ASP pages to let me see the data in interesting ways. Soon I will find out who comes here through weird and wonderful search terms (let the world tremble!). Incidentally, at least part of that time was spent debugging a bunch of code I downloaded from Microsoft so if anyone else is having trouble with their VB.NET FtpWebRequest class and can't find any help on Google, comment here and I'll share my fixes.

One of the posts I've been meaning to write is a bit about Bristol last weekend. I actually enjoyed the mart more than I have for a while, despite the unbearable stuffiness in the hall. I'm sure they could do *something* about that. Anyway, in the absence of Ruth I had to go around and make chatty with all the stallholders. Once I got into my stride this turned out to be a surprisingly painless process (who knew, small pressers mostly nice) but it did unfortunately bring me into close proximity with their comics. I had to institute a one per stall rule after a while but I still managed to spend an enormous amount. Reading through what I got now that I'm at home though, it's all really impressive stuff. I got issue one of lots of things so before I go to Caption I'm going to have to sit down and make a shopping list. Lots of people were very enthusiastic about Caption and said that this year was the year they'd make it but I get the impression that they all say that every year! Still, hopefully we'll get a few new people. I also distributed lots of zooetrope leaflets so fingers crossed that people do get on and send us some. Exhausted by all the socialising, I dragged Alex away after having forced everyone to go to the pancake restaurant again and headed home - lack of any hotel space in Bristol meant that we just did the Saturday - extremely tired but pleased. I've discovered since I got back that Garen Ewing, the Rainbow Orchid guy, has a blog so I've syndicated it: garenewing.

For this week's film, Alex, Archie, Ellen and I all went to see Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ... And Spring at the Phoenix, the lifecycle of a Korean Bhuddist monk. I wasn't quite sure what to expect here but I thought the film was absolutely wonderful. It was very beautiful and very sparse; little music and little dialogue. It felt like a timeless place, occasionally intruded on by timeful beings. To my surprise there was actually a small plot, which worked really well and helped to shape the atmosphere that it felt like the film was focusing on. In parts, like the Twilight Samuri, I found it alien, part of a culture of which I know almost nothing, but I do relish that in a film. The motif of the free-standing doorways for example; was that peculiar to the film, part of the monkly tradition, part of the Korean tradition? Anyway, I loved it, but if you're thinking of going to see it bear in mind that there is no action particularly and the plot is kind of secondary to the characters and the culture.
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