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OK. I never have time to write posts any more somehow. Perhaps I'm just lacking in inspiration for the moment. Anyway, rho has for the moment spared me from writing about UK attitudes to Europe by writing about it herself. Eventually, I will write a tirade, because the alternative is me going out and shooting the head of the CBI, all members of UKIP and a good half of the Tory and Labour parties. But not today.

I went punting this weekend, had an amazingly good time and got really rather drunk. Articulate is a really fun game (thanks Angharad) and coalescent is a lovely lovely chap, and not just because he drove me home afterwards. I punted all the way there, which must have counteracted slightly the amount I ate and drank because I only put on 1lb from the whole thing, which was pretty good.

I've no idea how well I'll get on this weekend, because it's Glastonbury *squeeeee*. Finally, after considerable faffing around with the post office, we have our tickets, we've got our bus tickets, we've got a tent, I've bought a waterproof jacket that fits in a little pouch. I'm really excited about the whole thing. A little nervous too but really excited. I have decided that I will be taking my Treo so that I can post stuff from the field, just because that's the sort of person I am.

Once again though, I'll be taking a holiday without actually getting any rest. I've been really really low on energy recently - even when I wake up feeling refreshed I still tire much sooner than I did previously. I've also had a couple of real bastard headaches in the last couple of weeks. I'm dithering about whether it's worth seeing a doctor or whether I'm just going to be too vague to get anything useful. I guess I'll wait and see if it clears up a bit. Work isn't helping as it's all rather fragmented and keeping track of everything is a bit of a job.
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