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Glastonbury 2004, Friday

My Treo was working at this point and I made these notes on the bands/stuff I saw on Friday.

The Fishnets: Electric folk! Lots of energy and noise. Great jig/reel to start. Bit of country too.

Yam: Ropetricks. Pretty amazing - very supple and the ones where she dropped a lenght of the rope into position were especially dramatic

Nelly Furtado: First thing on the pyramid stage for me. A good set - all the singles and for some reaosn it got me feeling rather emotional. The camera work on the screens was pretty good, especially the shots from behind Nellylooking out on the sceen - how must it feel to be up there looking out at that sea of people?

(I'm sure there was another band here. A dancy thing that I thought would do well later on with a lightshow.)
ETA It was Groove Armarda. I thought they were quite enjoyable in that chill out, dance kind of way but I think they would have made more of an impact if they'd been after dark.

Franz Ferdinand: Good solid indie. Didn't start off great but after they played take me out the seemed to get into their stride, although that was their best song. Did a little intro (with solo) for each member of the band - should be compulsary for all bands at festival.

GoldFrapp: Quite theatrical, but not too bad. Singer had an excellent voice - classically trained? The music was a bit electronicy but on the whole, not bad.

Chemical Brothers: I think I would have liked this more if I was an established fan. All the tracks were blended into one another and, this being the other stage, the visuals weren't always easy to see. It was probably good dance music, but failed to get me excited. Possibly because it was a bit chilly and my legs were knackered by this time.

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