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Glastonbury 2004, Saturday

The batteries having died and it being too wet to write on paper, I didn't make notes at the time. I made a list of what I could remember seeing when I got the notebook out on Sunday and I've now added notes.

Scissor Sisters: The backchat came across as a bit rehearsed to me but the music was quite good fun. I was distracted by the fact that they reminded me of the Bee Gees rather (Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive!) in a few places, but they did it in style.

Tree Pirates: We'd seen the stall for these guys on Friday but today when wandering past we noticed one of them doing a live demonstration. It was really impressive stuff to watch - you wouldn't think there was that much fine control on a chainsaw - and if it hadn't been for the weight considerations, I would have snapped up one of the birds that resulted from this demo.

Spiers and Boden: I ended up missing the first half of this, due to the board with the times on being wrong. What I did get though was really good. Despite the weather and so on they even got us up and dancing a bit by the end and it was just what I've come to love about their live performances; full of energy and fun. I actually think it's a shame that Bellowhead (their big band) weren't invited onto one of the larger stages, acoustic perhaps, but maybe next year...

Juggler: On our way to the cabaret field, we were diverted by spotting this guy just doing his stuff on the field. He heckled the audience rather, trying to get us a bit more into it, which rather annoys me sometimes but the act was pretty impressive. There was knife jugging, knife juggling on a unicycle, chainsaw juggling and even 1 chainsaw, 1 knife and 1 ball, which was rather worrying. I found it pretty scary - I was convinced he was going to lose a limb - but all went well.

The outside circus stage: Another pause on the way to the cabaret field. The compere here was great fun - he was very stoned, as he told us, and was dealing with an 8 year old heckler. I have a feeling that I was a little stoned myself at this point, which perhaps explains why I thought it was so funny, but I did. He was followed by a guy who was billed as a Japanese juggler. It wasn't what I think of as juggling but it was pretty impressive. He had an umbrella/parasol and he was getting objects to spin round and round it. Anyway, good clean fun.

Slipstream: Unenthralled by what we found in the cabaret tent, we headed to the circus big top, where we caught Slipstream, 2 girls suspended from the ceiling by elastic doing tricks on rings. I always love this kind of gymnastic type of act and they were very smooth indeed.

Freefall: This was a man and a woman acrobat, which I also liked, appealing to similar sensibilities as the above. They had a bowler hat to play with as part of their act and were very elegant.

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