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Glastonbury 2004, Sunday

I made notes on most of these at the time in my notebook...

English National Opera: ENO play Glastonbury. Much bigger crowd than I expected. The songs were in English, which I don't think is the original libretto. The opera was Ride Of the Valkiries from the famous tune through to Brunhilda being hidden in the flaming bier by her father. The bit where the valkyries were singing about Wotan bringing the storm while enormous clouds gathered was a bit unnerving. It was very well received and I really enjoyed it, more than I normally take to opera - I think perhaps seeing it live is the thing.

Dennis Lecouriere: One guy in a white shirt with an acoustic guitar on the Pyramid stage. He looked a bit overwhelmed and I'm not surprised. His music reminds me of something I can't place. Countryish but also a bit 60s - I must listen to some Dr Hook (he was their frontman). Anyway, he was charming and really got us on his side. Acoustic guitar is a great instrument and it was the sort of set only a real musician can do.

Joss Stone: Pretty short set it seemed. She was rather overwhelmed by the number of people I think. Her voice is great but it doesn't suit this kind of arena that well - the opportunity to see her in a jazz club would be better.

Christy Moore: Billed as Irish folk, he made me think of Bob Dylan - a modern musician making his own storytelling music with messages in the folk tradition. A really good set - beautiful, engaging and unexpected.

James Brown: Well what can you say? This was pretty much as you'd expect. Very theatrical including all the greats (Sex Machine, I Feel Good, etc). There were quite a few breaks where people were getting us to cheer him and stuff which got old fast but the breaks for sax solos were great. It felt like there was a little too much ego but I guess he needed breaks just to get his breath back at his age.

Supergrass: Rocked! Lots of guitars, britpop/indie at its best. They prefaced Alright with "We don't usually play this but..." and were chuffed to see the rainbow appear in their set. Actually inspired me to get up and bounce around despite the re-mudified conditions.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: When we turned up this lot seemed like they were going to be more folk influenced stuff, with the harmonicas out but there was quite a lot of rock and roll in their set as well. The band were pretty tight, the songs were good and all in all, I liked.

Orbital: My only chance to see as it was their last England gig. Again, dance music but I liked it more than the Chemical Brothers. There were more obvious tracks and there was even one with a sample of Stephen Baxter from the Second Coming, which I appreciated. I had my little stool this time too, so I was able to let it wash over me.

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