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Gracious in defeat

I watched both Wimbledon finals this weekend and there was some pretty amazing tennis on show. The thing which struck me the most though, was how gracious both of the beaten finalists were in their defeat. They were generous in their congratulations, both coming round the net to give their opponent a hug and managed their disappointment so as to allow the winner to really enjoy the moment. America may not have taken home any trophies on it's independance day weekend but both its representatives did it proud.

Now that I have a proper email client I can set it to digitally sign all my messages for *one* of my accounts. At last! So finally I'll be actually using the certficate I have for mail from my tinyjo address. In fact, as I can assign different signatures to different accounts I might apply for one for my Caption mail as well. The next step is to get my contacts syncing with the Treo - I've googled and it's do-able but I've got to fiddle around a little to set it up.
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