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Note to self: don't try to use the Cowley road in the morning until they've finished with the roadworks. Edging along fitting ourselves round the buses ended up with us taking twice as long as usual getting to work this morning. Sigh.

Alex and I went to see Around the World in 80 days last night - I really wasn't in the mood for Michael Moore, which was our other choice - and I actually thought it was really good fun. Jackie Chan choreographed some amazing stunt work, the sword fights where no blood was split being particularly impressive, the dialog was cute and occasionally even funny without being intrusive and all in all, it was just fun. I wouldn't really recommend it as a *good* film exactly, but I enjoyed watching it.

I really must update my Currently reading/listening panel, and write up the mini reviews for some of the books I've read recently. Mr Monday and Grim Tuesday (Garth Nix) were both really rather good, in my opinion, and I very much enjoyed stories of your life and others. I've got a couple of other books I borrowed off Ruth to read before any spaces open up, but after that, I might even go book shopping.
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