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It is now significantly too hot in here to think. We really need to move to the new office! The back of my neck feels all burn-y, although I think that's muscular. Indeed, my muscles are rather recalcitrant at the moment - my legs are really stiff/sore for no readily apparent reason.

I had a weekend off this weekend. I didn't even get all the household chores I wanted done, instead choosing to gorge myself thoroughly on the Doomsday book to the extent that I was worrying about Kivrin in my dream last night. In fact, it was an all purpose worry dream, combining that with worrying about Cassie and worrying about Caption. Between that and my leg muscles, it wasn't the most restful of nights sleep.

I have now managed to fill up the two weekends after Caption with parental visits from our respective parents, so that should keep us busy, and fattened up, until September.
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