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If anyone for some reason wants to see photos of me and Alex at Glastonbury, you can see some on my LJ gallery. I'm still experimenting with pics.livejournal.com and it's not too bad. It doesn't give me all the functionality that my own gallery does yet, but there's a lot there and a few things, like the thumbnailing, that I can't do currently and really like. I'm working on the style currently as it's a bit basic right now. There's still a few things which need to be implemented in the style system before I can really get it going.

I also really wish that you could manage your galleries through a client - then I could write descriptions of the pictures while I was at work. I've decided that because at the moment I'm a bit shit at keeping things like the currently panel updated (that's supposed to also get me to write mini-reviews) I'm going to write a windows client for my website stuff. All the data is in an Access db anyway, so I just have to ftp it down at the start of the session and ftp it back up afterwards. Shouldn't be too tricky, if only I had the time...

Despite the fact that I've been thinking for a while that once Caption is out of the way I'd have more time, I've managed to book up the next two weekends after that already with parental visits. It'll be jolly nice to see them of course, but I think I may have to take up Alex's idea of blocking out a weekend in September and pretending we've gone away while we stay in the house and be really lazy together.

This weekend wasn't too bad really, it's just that the good effects of Saturday and Sunday morning were undone by the heat of Ian and Ruth's living room while we planned Caption stuff. I had intended to write booklet text after we'd eaten but it was so unbearably hot and sticky I just couldn't face it and we played a couple of rounds of Alhambra instead, which is rather good fun. I took the piece bag home to sew up - must remember to take it back with me tonight when I go roleplaying. I had a sudden yearning to sing campfire songs and made Alex do a couple of rounds and call and response songs with me. I really must get back into Brownies (karen2205, I've been meaning to email you about this, and will some time soon). I watched the first two episodes of Blue Planet on Saturday with Alex. I'd never seen any of it before and it was amazing. One of the few programs where I really thought wow, I want the DVD so I can see the making of stuff. Some of the animals just didn't really look real, mostly the deep sea ones and it did remind me of just how very weird the universe is.

I re-read the Doomsday book last week, reading the whole of the second half on Friday evening in the end. Which was perhaps a bit foolish as it's a very sad book really. I felt all weepy by the end. It's excellent though, and I'd recommend it to anyone. At the moment, I'm jealous of Geneva, who has managed to borrow a copy of Abhorsen, but my time will come eventually for that. I suppose in the mean-time I could read Maul now that Alex is done with it.

Going back to clients, what I really want is a brain implant LJ client. Not a stream of conciousness thing, obviously, but something you would conciously use to create an entry by just thinking. I write entries in my head which I'm really pleased with and polish and so on but by the time I get to a computer, I have forgotten them almost completely so they never make it onto the screen. I suppose they're a bit prosy, but then at least I'd find out if it's decent prose or (as I suspect) overblown. And instead of getting one enormous update like this, you'd get a rather more manageable and focused selection of entries. Anyway, rather than tack any more onto the end of this one, I'll just stop now.
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