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Post match analysis

caption is done for another year. Now we just have to sort out the stuff in the boxes we brought back and then we can just put it to the back of our minds for a few months. The new venue was great - loads of people found their way there, there were pretty gardens and so on to sit in, a great bar, and loads of space. And very obliging people. My main worry was that people would have trouble finding it but in the end they didn't seem to and I think it was just as full as it usually is - certainly the expanded Caption table was still full to bursting.

I felt like I managed to get to a reasonable number of programme items this year, although I missed both of the workshops again, which from all accounts have produced some lovely stuff. This was helped of course by the fact that the Caption stall was in the room with several programme items. That worked quite well - we and Shane Chebsey and I think Al Davison too, were pleased to get to see the stuff, and we were able to re-locate Will when he was finding it annoying having to keep quiet while things were happening.

Both the Pat Mills items were great value - really interesting stuff and very engagingly told. I caught most of the academic stuff - all very interesting. I didn't make it to the panels though, which was a shame as it sounds like they were good too but with such a busy programme you just can't do everything. I enjoyed the evening events on Saturday - very relaxing - but was way too zonked to go to the film.

Today is my recovery day and I'm already planning another techy project, a plugin to the ljarchive programme which will tell me which userpic keywords I used to use but don't any more (yes, I'm very sad. I can't seem to help it). I think though that it may have to wait until I've managed to wipe and restore my laptop as it's behaving more and more erraticly as well as being full of programmes that I really don't need. Before I can do that of course, I need to work out what needs to be archived from the data. Ah, it's all so complicated. And because it would be tragic if I didn't have any organising to do, I'm going to start on the reading week soon...
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