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Ethical investing

Now that I don't get any free overdraft and have hence moved all my overdraft onto 0% cards I can finally actually move my current account to an ethical bank (rather than Lloyds, my current lot). I'm thinking of the Co-op - their ethical policy looks good and they have a high street branch in Oxford as well as internet banking and so on. Any other suggestions? Although I do my banking primarily on the internet, I do want my current account to have a high-street presence as well - it's mostly a just in case thing I think.

The thing is, the sense of inertia is huge. I find myself putting it off, thinking of silly things like the fact that I'll have to re-learn my account number and internet banking codes. Surely this is (a) not a big deal and (b) not difficult. I know that I have a huge capacity for remembering things like that if I use them regularly. I think I'm going to take the plunge this time round though - I just have to decide whether/how much any just in case cashflow overdraft needs to be.

Does anyone know any good websites which recommend stuff like this? I'm also planning to move my utilities over to greener suppliers and things like that. I guess Oxfam or Greenpeace maybe? Any ideas?
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