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Milk of Human Kindness

It's nice to be reminded sometimes that there are plenty of people out there who aren't cynical or self-absorbed and are perfectly happy to just be nice to people. I needed to get on the bus on the way back from the vets with my cat in the box. It was raining. I only had a £5 note and the driver had no change. It was clear he wasn't prepared to let me get on and pay a smaller fare so I sighed, tugged my hood up and got off the bus. The chap behind me, a south Asian gentlemen in his 40's I would guess got on and showed his pass and then enquired of the bus driver why I hadn't got on, perhaps wondering if there was a problem. On being told, he very kindly offered to pay my fare for me, saying "Come on, it's raining. On you get."

It really brightens up your day to be a recipient of a good deed like that I think. I thanked him sincerly both as I got on and as I got off. "No problem" he said. "Perhaps you could stick a quid in a collecting tin when you pass one." What a good idea, I thought, and tomorrow I shall.
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