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Night off

I've decided that sometimes one must eschew sociability in favour of, well, time I suppose. So instead of going with Alex to see Archie off and chat to Lorna and Duncan I'll be going home after we've been to see a house* and settling down to a night in. This evening I need/want to

* Clean the kitchen
* Clean out/reorganise the stuff in the fridge
* Tidy up the rest of the BBQ/weekend detritus
* Eat
* Put on a non-delicates wash
* Write an email to Karen about Brownies
* Sort out this month's bills
* Write email to send to Kev; post it to committee here for comments before sending
* Create caption contacts database?
* Subscribe people to caption_announce
* Post to caption_announce - mention _discuss as well as soliciting for reports/photos
* Write entry about The Village
* archive my Caption 2004 email
* Make a styles plan for Beth
* Put away stuff from radiator/dryer
* Take out non-delicates wash, hang up
* Put on delicates wash
* Touch a bunch of requests in G/UNK and compile a review
* Hit up a couple of interesting requests in web
* Write entry about long term planning
* SO to see if I have enough for a comms review
* Reply to a tonne of comments/entries I should have replied to by now
* Do a review? I like the idea but feel kind of rusty, plus it depends what time it is by the time I get to here!
* Dig out notes on S2 embedding. Post them somewhere I can give people access to them
* Write helpscreening post offering to answer embedding questions (except ones about AIM profiles :) )
* Reorganise / clean out my user pics
* Hang out delicates wash
* Bath
* Get to bed by 11:00pm

Some of this stuff is pretty easy but some of it is going to take a while so I doubt that I'll get all the way through that list. Still, I'm determined to try really hard for the last two items.

I need to re-think how I plan my time I think. I don't tend to check LifeBalance when I'm at home so I don't get the benefit of that. Perhaps I should, although I think that I would have to re-jig the thing first. Still I need to do something to make sure that I don't just end up with one free evening a week in which I'm too knackered to do anything except watch crap TV, hang on IRC and do easy support requests. I can do this, I just have to be organised. I have a free weekend this weekend and I'm keeping it that way, damn it. So nobody organise anything exciting, OK?

I really should do that list with tags, but I can't be bothered, even though it makes my footnote ambiguous. Oh yeah, and while I'm adding random extra sentences, I note in news that all paid users are now in the FotoBilder beta - go forth, upload things, make suggestions in fotobilder_user. It'll be fun.

* Yes, Alex and I have found ourselves, by great good fortune, in a position to look at houses together. Which is very exciting and very scary. Wish me luck...
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