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Thoughts on The Village

I ended up being disappointed by The Village, the latest M. Night Shaymalan offering. Yes, it's got a twist, they all have to and I wasn't impressed by this one. It was actually the first thing that I guessed, but I dismissed it as impractical. It just didn't make sense and when that turned out to be it, I felt cheated. I also thought that the way it was played when it was revealed made it feel very anti-climactic.

As for the story, there really wasn't much of it. It was all very pretty but for a film which felt like it should be focusing on it's characters there wasn't really much too them. No-one really develops as far as we can see, except perhaps the heroine and we only see the externally driven parts of that, not how she assimilates what she's learned. I spent much of the time waiting for the thing to start; it felt like the introductory sequence went on for nearly the whole film. I can like quiet slow films (I loved Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring again) but I just found this one a bit boring and soporific.

I think I'm going to try and write up more of our Tuesday films. Next week, Chronicles of Riddick or Motorcycle diaries probably.
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