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Looking at the comment count analyzer in ljArchive has reminded me how terrible I am at replying to comments. When I first got this, I wanted to always reply to comments, but sometimes I found there wasn't much to add. These days, I often don't manage to reply to even things that I do have something to say about. I might have a go at getting some of the recent backlog answered next week.

I'm just really not in the mood to be in the office today. I need to start using my task list again properly - things are slipping through my fingers. I have to go to a business meeting in Wakefield on Monday, which is not improving my mood. 7:35 train. There is also a hole in my shoe, which is also doing little to cheer me up. I wish I had a punchbag or something. Instead, here I am, writing an entry (and ruining my health, according to New Scientist).
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