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There's a few versions of the "live each day as if it was your last" quote on some of the quotes communities I read. I've never got that. Not only because it sounds dreadfully trite, but because there's no way that that would be a good idea. If, for some reason, I knew that today was my last day, I would not have come to work, for a start. And I'd treat myself to an enourmous gormet meal on credit card. That advice would leave me unemployed and with serious indigestion inside a week.

Anyway. I had a good weekend. I quite enjoyed helping out at Oxfam. I was on the till for the afternoon and it was quite relaxing really. I can't make it next week, but I'll definitely be back the week after. From there it was off for a weekend with the girls, where I over-indulged myself on food and we talked, played silly games, watched Clueless, all that sort of fun sleepover stuff. The only downside was the fact that due to engineering works the journey there and back was a lot less smooth than one might have hoped.

When I fnally did get back I spent my Sunday evening binging on the West Wing, finishing up with the end of Season 3. I find it a pretty scary show where it is now; it seems to highlight many of the attitudes that I find scary in the US, both directly and in a meta way. I wonder, because it's so compelling, how much it influences the way the people who watch it think about politics? After all, it probably has higher viewing figures on both sides of the pond than news broadcasting, and almost certainly a different demographic. How many of it's veiwers will unconciously absorb it's worldview, letting it colour or replace their own. It's a sobering thought, for many reasons.
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